Computer Architecture

Spring 2018

School of Information Science and Technology SIST
SchanghaiTech University

LectureTuesday, 10:15-11:55. 教学中心 (Teaching Center) 303
LectureThursday, 10:15-11:55. 教学中心 (Teaching Center) 303
DiscussionsWednesday 19:35-21:15. 教学中心 (Teaching Center) 303
Lab 1Monday, 13:00-14:40. SIST 1B-106; TA: Jianxiong Cai
Lab 2Monday, 15:00-16:40. SIST 1B-106; TA: Yuyang Rong
Lab 3Tuesday, 13:00-14:40. SIST 1B-106; TA: Anqi Pang
Lab 4Tuesday, 19:35-21:15. SIST 1B-106; TA: Junren Zheng
Lab 5Thursday, 13:00-14:40. SIST 1B-106; TA: Yiming Mao
Lab 6Thursday, 19:35-21:15. SIST 1B-106; TA: Zhonglin Nian
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Week Date Topic Reading Discussion Homework Lab Project
102-27 Introduction (pdf) P&H: 2.4 No Discussion HW1: Autolab
Due Mon., March 5, 23:55
No Lab
03-01 Introduction to C I (pdf) K&R Ch. 1-5
203-05 Introduction to C II (pdf) K&R Ch. 6-7 Discussion 1 HW 2: C Skiplist
Due Mon., March 19, 23:55
Lab 1
03-07 Introduction to C III (pdf)
303-13 Intro to Assembly Language, MIPS Intro (pdf) P&H: 2.1 - 2.3 Discussion 2 Lab 2
03-15 MIPS, MIPS Functions (pdf) P&H: 2.6 - 2.9, 2.10, A.6
403-20 MIPS Instruction Formats (pdf) P&H: 2.5, 2.10 Discussion 3 util.s HW 3: MIPS Quicksort
Due Mon., April 2, 23:55
Lab 3 Project 1.1: Assembler in C
Due Wednesday, April 4th, 23:55
03-22 Compiler, Assembler, Linker, Loader (CALL) (pdf) P&H: 2.12, A.1-A.4
503-27 Intro to Synchronous Digital Systems (SDS), Logic (pdf) P&H: B.2-B.3 Discussion 4 cond.c pthread.c Lab 4
03-29 Functional Units, FSMs (pdf) P&H: 4.2, B.3-B.6
604-03 MIPS Datapath, Single-Cycle Control Intro (pdf) P&H: 4.1, 4.3, 4.4 No Discussion HW 4: SDS
Due Mon., April 9, 23:55
Lab 5 Project 1.2 Linker in MIPS
Due Monday, April 16th, 23:55
04-05 Ching Ming Festival
704-10 MIPS Single-Cycle Control (pdf) P&H: 4.5-4.8 Discussion 5 (Project 2.1) HW 5: TSP
Due Mon., April 23, 23:55
Lab 6
Thu.: Lab 5
04-12 Guest Lecture Prof. Shu Yin
MIPS Pipelining (pdf)
P&H: 4.10, 4.11
804-17 Review for Midterm I; Intro Caches (pdf) P&H: 5.1 Discussion 6 Lab 7
Thu.: Lab 6
Project 2.1
Due: Friday, May 4th 23:55
(Midterm I first page)
04-19 Mid-Term I
904-24 Memory Hierarchy, Caches (pdf) P&H: 5.1 5.2 5.3 Discussion 7 Lab 8
Thu.: Lab 7
Midterm I pdf
Midterm I sol
04-26 Caches: Direct-mapped, Set-associative; Multilevel Caches (pdf) P&H: 5.4 5.8 1.6
1005-01 Labor Day Thu.: Lab 8 Project 2.2
Due: Friday, May 25th 23:55
05-03 Performance and Floating Point Operations (pdf) P&H: 3.5 3.9
1105-08 Flynn Taxonomy, Data-Level Parallelism (pdf) P&H: 1.7, 1.8, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.7 Discussion 8 No Lab
05-10 Thread-Level Parallelism, OpenMP Intro (pdf) P&H: 6.5, 5.10, 2.11
1205-15 Review Midterm II; Cache Coherence, OpenMP Sharing Issues, Performance (pdf) P&H: 5.10 HW 6: Caches
Due Mon., May 28, 23:55
Lab 9 (Midterm II first page)
Midterm II pdf
Midterm II sol
05-17 Midterm II
1305-22 Project 3 Details Lab 10 Project 3
Due: Wednesday, June 6th 23:55
05-24 Guest Lecture Prof. Yajun Ha: FPGAs
1405-29 Warehouse Scale Computing, MapReduce (Spark) The Datacenter as a Computer: Ch 1, Ch 2.4, Ch 3, 5.1-5.3 No Lab
05-31 OS Support, Base and Bounds, Interrupts, Virtual Memory Intro P&H: 5.13, 5.15, 5.16
1506-05 More Virtual Memory P&H: 6.9 (only p.4-10), 4.9 Lab 11 (Spark) Project 4
06-07 I/O: DMA, Disks, Networking P&H: 5.2, 5.5, 5.11
1606-12 Dependability: Parity, ECC, RAID P&H: 5.5, B-65 to B-67 Lab 12
06-14 Summary Lecture
06-25 - 06-29 (2nd final week) tbd. Final
Sören Schwertfeger
Sören Schwertfeger 师泽仁
OH: You are always welcome! Tuesday 13:00-15:00; Room: 1D 201A

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Yijun Yuan
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Jianxiong Cai
Jianxiong Cai
Anqi Pang
Anqi Pang
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Yuyang Rong
Yiming Mao
Yiming Mao
Yonhao Liu
Junren Zheng
Zhonglin Nian
Zhonglin Nian
Chengyue Jiang
Chengyue Jiang


Check the syllabus for the CA course on egate.


Patterson, David A. and Hennessy, John L. Computer Organization and Design 5th edition. Morgan Kaufmann.


Kernighan, Brian W. and Ritchie, Dennis M. The C Programming Language (2rd ed.). Prentice Hall.


Read the chapters before class. I will not read the textbook to you during class. Rather, I will help you better understand certain materials in the textbook.
Class participation
Participate actively in the discussions both in class and on the forum.
Read your email and the forum at least once in any 12 hour period (including weekends and holidays), as I may post important announcements.


The Engineering Design course consists of projects done in parallel to the Computer Architecture course. The projects thus contribute 33% to your overall score. Neither CA nor the project can be taken without the other.



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